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SP AF200-500mm F/5-6.3 Di LD [IF] (Model A08)

SP AF200-500mm F/5-6.3 Di LD [IF] (Model A08)
Succeeding the AF200-400mm F/5.6 Di LD [IF] (model 175D), the new high-performance Di model has a telephoto range of 500mm and is a proud new addition to the Tamron SP-series. Featuring such accessories as a detachable filter effect controller (FEC), which enables easy control of the PL filter even when the hood is attached, and a removable tripod mount, the lens comes equipped with everything necessary for capturing quality sports and wildlife photographs. In addition, to meet the needs of this dual-format world (silver-halide and digital), the lens features Di (Digitally Integrated Design), the designation Tamron puts on lenses featuring optical systems designed to meet the performance characteristics of digital SLR cameras as well as film cameras.
• All the high depiction capabilities the Tamron SP-series is known for!
The SP AF200-500mm F/5-6.3 Di LD [IF] has even better resolution and contrast throughout the entire focal length range than the extremely popular AF200-400mm F/5.6 LD [IF] (model 175D), released in 1995.
• Aberrations corrected through the use of LD (Low Dispersion/Low Refraction) Elements.
Axial color aberrations that are highly noticeable in many telephoto lenses have been reduced through the use of two LD elements, enabling clear, high-definition photographs at any focal length.
• Super high definition picture maintains contrast.
Due to highly balanced optical instrumentation, excellent contrast is achieved in the low frequency range, leading to high-resolution pictures across the entire image plane.

• Engineering plastics lead to a lightweight lens.
In order to greatly reduce the weight of the lens, the barrel components consist of highly durable, lightweight engineering plastics that excel in dimensional stability and strength.
• Filter Effect Control (FEC) enables easy control of the PL filter even when the hood is attached.
The lens features Filter Effect Control (FEC) for easy control of the included PL filter, essential for landscape photography. All previous lens models had the shortcoming of poor PL filter manipulation when the hood was attached. However, with the Tamron SP AF200-500mm F/5-6.3 Di LD [IF], users can adjust the PL filter even when the hood is attached by twisting the surrounding ring where the filter connects. The FEC can be removed if the user so desires.
• Detachable tripod mount made of Magnesium Alloy.
The lens features a tripod mount made of lightweight and highly durable magnesium alloy that is detachable with the simple touch of a button. Not only has the lens been made easier to handle when using a tripod, but its grip has also been improved for better handheld use.
• The form and texture of the lens speak to the SP series' high performance and precision.
  1. The two gold metal rings, symbolic of the SP series, are embedded in the lens, thereby improving the look while maintaining its recognition as part of the SP series.
  2. The new rubber pattern on the zoom and focus rings, featuring a smaller, more elaborate design, offers a more comfortable grip, making the lens visually compliment the camera.
  3. The graphic display on the lens features a more visible font.
  4. The finish of the lens barrel utilizes a high quality, delicately wrinkled enamel that is not only durable but offers a comfortable feel.
Model Name A08
Focal Length 200-500mm
Maximum Aperture F/5-6.3
Angle of View 12° - 5°
Lens Construction 13 elements in 10 groups
Minimum Focus Distance 2.5m (98.4") (entire zoom range)
Filter Diameter φ86mm
Overall Length 227.0mm (8.9") *
Maximum Diameter φ93.5mm (3.68")
Weight 1237g (43.6oz.) *
Diaphragm Blades 9 blades
Minimum Aperture F/32
Standard Accessory Hood
Compatible Mount Canon, Nikon, Sony
*Values given are for Canon cameras.