Lens Technology

A new breed of security camera / Ultra-Compact 180° Security Camera Equipped with A High-Performance Fish-Eye Lens !

The Panorama Camera 180-View, a new type of omni-directional camera equipped with a fish-eye lens, is a single camera that provides a 180° horizontal angle of view, and is thus able to capture images that are almost completely free of blind spots. Outstanding lens performance has been achieved along with a class-leading wide aperture of f/1.7 Proprietary image processing technology corrects any residual distortion in captured images to generate more natural looking images.
The camera is also equipped with a large variety of additional smart functions, including electronic PTZ, a presetting function, and motion detection, to better serve an increasing number of end-user requirements. The camera does not include any electro-mechanical parts but employs an integrated structure incorporating all elements, from the lens to the camera and software, making the camera highly durable and reliable, and suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

Equipped with a fast, 180° horizontal angle of view fish-eye lens(f/1.7)

[180-View]: F/1.7,Conventional lens : F/2.8

The 180-View is equipped with a specially designed fish-eye lens with a 180° horizontal angle of view. This allows a single camera unit to monitor wide areas, providing coverage that is almost free from blind spots, a level of performance that was simply not possible with a standard wide-angle lens. This high-speed f/1.7 lens features the optical design properties you would expect from a leading manufacturer of CCTV lenses.

Attractive and compact design

The camera features an elegant design that complements virtually any location, including retail stores, public facilities and offices.
External dimensions measure a compact 72 mm x 72 mm, and only 40 mm in thickness, enhancing installation flexibility. Two types of external covers, round and square, are available, making the camera suitable for use in any environment.

Round Type,Square Type

Proprietary image processing technology for 120°/180° distortion correction

Distortion in ultra-wide-angle pictures captured by the 180-View is corrected with proprietary image processing technology to deliver a planar image in all cases. Distortion-free 120° correction and 180° correction can be selected to suit the particular application.

Original image,180° compensation,120° compensation

Equipped with electronic PTZ, presetting function and motion detection

Motion detection function

Instead of employing an electro-mechanical drive and control, the electronic PTZ function enables the camera to instantly focus on the object being monitored. Pan/tilt/zoom can be controlled in manual mode by software.
9 preset positions, and 12 present sequences are also available. Objects that are moving can be detected automatically and zoomed in for viewing greater details.

IP66 compliance means the camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors

The entire camera is designed within an integrated structure, which helps reducing the time and effort required for maintenance, while also ensuring outstanding durability and reliability.
IP66 compliance also allows the camera to be installed outdoors, overcoming limitations that would restrict it to indoor installation.

Simple camera setup and control

Setup screen

The 180-View operates on proprietary software developed by Tamron. This software provides outstanding control and an easy-to-use interface, and comes equipped with a range of functions that enhance convenience for the user. The camera can be completely configured and controlled with a single computer.