Ultrahigh Performance Machine Vision / FA Lenses for Mega-Pixel Cameras CloseClose

Tamron's Machine Vision /FA lenses incorporating advanced optical systems in compact packages deliver ultrahigh optical quality even at close-focusing distances, providing ideal solutions in a wide range of image processing applications.

 Enhanced Optical Performance in Close-focusing Ranges,  Ultrahigh Resolution
Optical performance in the close-focusing range is greatly enhanced in order to improve compatibility to actual application environments. Reduced working distances help avoid the cumbersome use of close-up rings in close-focusing ranges. In addition, the lenses deliver high optical performance conforming to mega-pixel cameras equipped with 2/3" or smaller imagers (1.3-megapixel cameras for example), from the center to the periphery of images.
With mega-pixel compatible lens
(23FM50SP f=50mm F/2.8)
With conventional 50mm lens

 Minimized Distortion
Distortion, the most formidable enemy in image processing, is reduced to the absolute minimum.
  • f=16mm F/1.4
    (23FM16SP): -0.1% or less
  • f=25mm F/1.4
    (23FM25SP): -0.05% or less
  • f=50mm F/2.8
    (23FM50SP): -0.01% or less

 High Performance, Yet Compact

Tamron strikes a balance between compactness (34mm in external diameter) and enhanced optical performance. In addition, filter diameters of all three models are unified to 43mm to allow using common accessories even at times of line setting changes.

 Equipped with Lock Mechanisms

Each lens is equipped with lock mechanisms for focus and iris control rings, respectively, to make their use ideal in environment suffering from position shifts due to excessive vibrations.

 Robust Body Construction
Each lens employs robust body construction in order to maintain original performance for an extended period of time.
Model 23FM16SP
f=16mm F/1.4
f=25mm F/1.4
f=50mm F/2.8
CCD Size 2/3"
Mount C
Focal Length 16mm 25mm 50mm
Aperture Range 1.4-22 2.8-32
Angle of View 2/3" (Horizontal x Vertical) 30.9° x 23.4° 20.0° x 15.1° 10.1° x 7.6°
Minimum Focusing Distance 0.15m 0.2m
TV Distortion







Operation Focus Manual with Lock
Iris Manual with Lock
Filter Screw Size: 30.5mm P=0.5mm 30.5mm P0.5mm
Back Focus (in air) 11.54mm 17.17mm 34.46mm
Weight 80g 103g 117g
Operating Temperature -10  -  +60°C
 External Dimensions