Environmental Policy

A sustainable society is what Tamron aspires, and in accordance with our environmental management philosophy we have established an environment conservation policy which upholds "Environmental Management System" (EMS), "Environmental Accounting", and "Design for Environment" (DfE) as the three fundamental pillars.

Environment Management
Tamron's Environment Management Policy Environment Management being implemented at Tamron is based on the environment conservation policy. More specifically the "Environment Management System", "Environmental Accounting", and "Design for Environment" is our fundamental approach when providing our products and services to the community and our customers. From the perspective of CSR, Tamrom believes in the importance of maintaining equilibrium of environment, economy, and society. To achieve such aspiration we place sustainability at the management core of Tamron.
The Future with Tamron
Further Plans to Improve our Environment Management
  1. Integration of Environmental Management System and Quality Management System
    With the integration of EMS & QMS Tamron hopes to enhance the management system's efficiency, integrity, and sustainability.
  2. Company wide implementation of EMS
    Currently the EMS is organized at each site, but in the future Tamron hopes to unify the system and uphold a collective corporate vision. In a unified system we anticipate cost savings and increased level of management interest concerning environmental issues.
  3. Environmental Accounting
    With an effective environmental accounting in place, Tamron expect to accurately calculate the cost, the effectiveness of Environmental conservation program and the economic effect of the program entails. The ability to consolidate the financial aspects of the environmental activities will enable Tamron to integrate the environmental management closely with the business strategy planning process.
  4. Developing products with its lifecycle in mind
    Tamron develops products with Life Cycle Assessment in its process and introduce products that are environmentally friendly than our current products.
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