Promoting Environmental Management

To fully benefit from ISO 14001 Tamron is making an effort to educate all employees. In 2004, Tamron has implemented information technology capabilities to enhance environment management system and have adapted "Environment Accounting".

 Environment Management System
At Tamron we schedule a bi-monthly environment committee with the president acting as the chief environment management executivet, a monthly ISO Operation meeting to assess the level of environmental activities. For matters that call for immediate attention, each site will assemble a special section to address the issue separately and report to the ISO operation meeting and the "Environment Committee".
Environment Management System
Activities of typical sections
Resource saving design section (Head Office)
To further promote energy conservation, resource saving, monitoring of hazardous material, and recycling. Tamron considers various environmental aspects from each stage of the product's life such as R&D, prototype, production, distribution and disposing stages. In order to do this Tamron is considering adapting Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method.
Green Procurement / Purchasing section (Head Office)
To promote the purchase of raw material and parts that has minimal burden on the environment. Tamron is in the process of selecting an effective system to monitor green purchasing activities
Forestation study section (Three Plants in Aomori)
Maintenance and forestation of open space at the three factories in Aomori, and idling stop of vehicles in the vicinity is been promoted.
Waste Reduction & Recycling Promotion section (Three Plants in Aomori)
Promotion of recycling waste and purchase of eco-mark certified products.
Environment Quality Assurance section (Plant in China)
To maintain equivalent analysis level as the factories in Japan at Foshan factory (China), Tamron is working to standardize the procedure and analysis levels on products from our corporative factories.
Crisis Management section (Plant in China)
Emergency countermeasures and preventive measures for environmental pollution due to unanticipated natural disasters and accidents.
Environmental Accounting
To promote Environment Management Tamron has implemented Environmental Accounting since 2003. Our Environmental Accounting has just been implemented and only covers main items of the environment conserving accounting efforts of 2004 as stated below. In 2005 Tamron hopes to add the effect of our environmental efforts and economical effects.
Unit: Thousands of Yen
Classification Equipment Investment Cost Cost Major activities
Costs within business segments Pollution control - - -
Global environmental protection 4,292 - Investment in energy conservation and anti-global warming
Resource recycling 5,217 35,253 Cost for industrial waste management (Including recycling costs)
Sub total 9,509 35,253 -
Up- or downstream of operation 35,291 37,236 Management of subcontract factories and environmental analysis
Management activities 7,619 84,259 Maintenance of environmental management system, human resource cost and installation of IT software
Research and development - 161,793 Design for Environment
Social activities - 379 Clean-ups around the head office and factories
Environmental damage response 236,900 448,350 Countermeasures against soil contamination
Grand total 289,319 767,260  
Note: Equipment investment cost has been calculated with pro rata method     *The scope of this environmental accounting is between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2004. The extent of the report : Omiya head office, and the three Aomori plant.
Note: Personnel expenses have been calculated with the average wage
Tamron's Future with Environmental Accounting
In 2004 Tamron invested ・1,000 million in environmental activities. The main use of the investment was towards countermeasures against soil contamination (・700 million) and Design for Environment (・160 million). With the introduction of the environmental accounting, it became clear that Tamron invested mainly in maintaining and administrative costs and invested less in reducing load on the environment. In the upcoming years Tamron hopes to assess future investment plans considering the effect of environment activities and make proactive actions.
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