Message from the Environment Management Manager

Shinichi Yasuda
Shinichi Yasuda,
Environment Management Manager
In 2003 Tamron established a 3-year mid-term environmental goals and has been promoting environmental management ever since. To achieve these goals set forth, Tamron is putting extra effort in, Design for Environment, green procurement & green purchasing, reducing the use of electric power and energy conservation, reducing waste & promote recycling, and environmental pollution prevention.

Especially, Design for Environment and product size reduction has been successful and have accomplished our objective. On the other hand, energy conservation and material conservation still remains to be an issue and the goal was not realized, this was due to increased production we were unable to make the adjustments to meet our goals. Tamron has initiated the countermeasure for soil contamination and prevention of Omiya Head Office. All three plants in Aomori are scheduled to undergo soil and ground water contamination examination. Tamron plans to further promote environmental management and actively participate in environmental issues and establish long-term corporate plans.
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