Independent Third Party Assurance Report

Katsumasa Taneda
Comments on Environmental & Social Report 2007

Aspects deserving special mention
I imagine, partly because this is the first report after being listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, that the sense of responsibility and consciousness of a company taking their steps as a company listed in the 1st section can be observed at every step. Tamron’s definition of the term CSR, as I understand it, is contributing to society by creating eyes for industry. Reviewing the report, I see the earnest desire of Tamron management to realize their objective in their determination to fulfill their CSR by involving subsidiary companies and a factory abroad as the Tamron Group. Tamron being listed at the 1st section of the TSE is a result consolidating social creditworthiness, brand power, and employee sense of belonging created over many years under this management philosophy. From the perspective of environmental management, the earnest desire and sincere posture to consolidate environmental management as a group can be observed in the 3rd mid-range environmental objectives. Tamron has also established a credible framework to comply with the European RoHS Directive and also the Chinese-version RoHS. I was impressed with the prizewinner of Tamron's Macro Lens Photo Contest that makes us feel our future. The picture is just wonderful, symbolizing Tamron’s contribution to society and culture through lenses.

* Content and design, aspects to be improved
Establishing good cooperative relationships with suppliers under relationships of mutual trust is important in firmly establishing the Eco- Partner system, and I hope Tamron will refine and expand the system further as a system to disclose information with high transparency.

In order to better establish the 3rd mid-range environmental objectives and targets, clarify target figures for better comparison, and document their appropriateness in pursuing objectives and targets, it is necessary to employ uniform standards for consolidated management as well as to collect and compile information and data adequately in accordance with the uniform standards. Reading activity reports on Tamron Optical (Foshan), I thought Tamron should have been able to appeal better with their management posture emphasizing CSR, as Tamron has established friendly relationships with local communities.


* Improvements expected in a report for 2008
Efforts to consolidate systems for collecting, compiling, and analyzing data will be important to change our environmental & social report to a CSR report in the near future and ensure timely response to information disclosure demands by stakeholders. Efforts to enrich information and data qualitatively and quantitatively will also be important. The responsibilities of Tamron toward shareholders and all other stakeholders will be more important than ever as a listed company. Tamron will be inevitably required to discharge social responsibilities further and contribute more to local communities, in addition to working to accomplish good business results. I believe Tamron will measure up to our expectations.

Editor's Postscript Omiya Head Office
Omiya Head Office
2007 is the year for Tamron to mark the first CSR step. Therefore, we prepared a special page for looking back on past events and introducing the initial steps toward CSR management. As pointed out in the independent third party assurance report, important tasks such as enriching our CSR work, consolidating information and data sources, and establishing a system to ensure timely disclosure of information to all stakeholders are in front of us. We must carry out these tasks to establish a sufficient freamework to ensure appropriate and quality management while discharging our CSR. We expect to change the title of the report to the CSR Report from next year for reporting management progress of the company concerning CSR. Your comments and opinions will be important to reflect in the CSR management of our company, and we wish to thank you in advance for your assistance. Three factories in Aomori/Tamron Optical(Foshan)
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