IR News 2008

2008/12/26 Notice on special loss to be incurred as a result of withdrawal from Pension Fund (PDF 16KB)
2008/12/25 Release date of Financial Results has been updated
2008/12/11 Organizational Changes and Personnel Transfers (PDF 32KB)
2008/11/12 Personnel Transfers (PDF 14KB)
2008/10/30 3rd Quarter Financial Results FY2008 (PDF 59KB)
2008/10/30 Revision of Financial Forecast (PDF 20KB)
2008/09/12 Announcement Regarding the Results and Completion of Repurchase of Shares (PDF 16KB)
2008/09/12 Personnel Transfers (PDF 15KB)
2008/09/08 Release date of 3rd Quater FY2008 Financial Results has been updated
2008/09/01 Notice Regarding the Repurchase of Shares (PDF 16KB)
2008/08/11 "Presentation slides - Interim Financial Results FY2008" (PDF 1,753KB)
2008/08/05 "Interim Financial Results FY2008" (PDF 89KB)
2008/08/05 "Stock Infomation" has been updated
2008/08/05 Announcement on Repurchase of Shares (PDF 15KB)
2008/06/26 Personnel Transfers (PDF 18KB)
2008/06/26 Annual Report 2007 (PDF 396KB)
2008/06/13 Release date of Interim Financial Results FY2008 has been updated
2008/05/02 "1st Quarter Financial Results FY2008" (PDF 63KB)
2008/03/28 Changes of Directors (PDF 22KB)
2008/03/14 Organizational Change and Personnel Transfers (PDF 23KB)
2008/03/14 Release date of 1st Quarter FY2008 Financial Results has been updated
2008/02/18 The date of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has been updated
2008/02/14 "Presentation Slides - Financial Results FY2007" has been updated (PDF 1,656KB)
2008/02/14 "Mid-Term Management Goals" has been updated
2008/02/06 Financial Results FY2007" has been updated (PDF 84KB)
2008/02/06 Notice regarding Dividends from Retained Earnings (PDF 18KB)
2008/02/06 "Financial Summary & Forecast" "Cash Dividends" "Stock Information" "Mid-Term Mamagement Goals" has been updated
2008/02/06 Announcement Regarding Discontinuation of Retirement Bonus and Revision of Compensation System for Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors (PDF 20KB)
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