Previous News 2015

2015/03/27 "Officers" has been updated
2015/03/27 Announcement of Product Development Vari-Focal Lens supporting mega-pixel resolution and NIR (Near-IR) bandwidth for security / surveillance use 1/3" 5-50mm F/1.6  (Model M13VG550IR)
2015/03/23 Tamron will participate in MIPS 2015 in Moscow
2015/03/13 Organizational Changes and Personnel Transfers
2015/03/13 Release date of 1st Quarter FY2015 Financial Results has been updated
2015/02/27 Notification Concerning Stock Acquisition of Kouyu Kosan Co., Ltd.
(Acquisition in line with the procedures to obtain company’s own stocks from specific shareholders)
2015/02/25 Tamron will participate in SECURITY SHOW 2015
2015/02/24 Development Announcement Compact Zoom Lens for Integration with Camera Modules Supporting 3 mega-pixel resolution in near-IR Security / Surveillance Use 1/2.7" 3-9mm F/1.3 (Model:DF024NL)
2015/02/24 Development Announcement Near-IR LED illuminator as an accessary that enhances the 300QV-P-CM's performance (Model: 300QV-IR)
2015/02/16 Presentation Slides - Financial Results FY2014
2015/02/13 Tamron announces that the company will display samples of a tripod mount ring (long type) for A011 at CP+ 2015
2015/02/06 "Financial Results FY 2014"
2015/02/06 Personnel Transfers
2015/01/22 Tamron Will Participate in CP+ 2015
2015/01/22 Tamron Announces the Launch of SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A012) for Canon / Nikon
2015/01/22 SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD(Model A012) Special Site OPEN
2015/01/21 New Release LWIR (Long Wave Length Infrared) 3x Zoom Lens with Standard M34 (P0.5) Screw in Mount featuring constant F/1.0 is now available (Model: LQZ3X3510V, 35-105mm F/1.0 for 17μm Sensor Core)
2015/01/13 Release Announcement Industrial-Vision Fixed-Focal Lens for 3.1μm Pixel Pitch Imager Supporting Distinguished High Performance 1.1" 50mm F/1.8(Model M111FM50)