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October, 2005
Discontinuation in Production of Bronica RF645 and Termination of Bronica Camera Business

The Bronica RF645 range finder camera has enjoyed a good reputation from photographers worldwide because of its versatility and high cost performance; however, we are now compelled to discontinue the production of this model and its optional interchangeable lenses and accessories as of the end of September 2005. This move is due to the gradual drop of sales caused by the drastically changing medium format market. Consequently, we will end the sales of this model in all markets as of the end of November 2005. The discontinuation of this last Bronica model marks the termination of the Bronica brand business. Bronica withdraws from the medium format camera business after 47 years since its first model, the Zenza Bronica D, was introduced in 1959.

We will provide after-sales service for 7 years after the official discontinuation of the model accordingly.

We would like to take this opportunity to once again express our sincere gratitude for your heartfelt patronage of Bronica products for so many years.

Yours faithfully,