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March 27, 2009
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Tamron Announces Plan to Beef up Marketing Operations
for Surveillance Camera Lenses
under New Slogan: "Flat-Field Mega Pixel Lens Series"

Tamron (Headquarters: Saitama City; President & CEO: Morio Ono) announced that it will launch a new marketing strategy for its series of lenses for megapixel surveillance cameras under of the new slogan "Flat-Field Mega Pixel Lens Series" in order to better appeal the high performance characteristics of the lenses that ensure megapixel resolution over the entire image field.
mega Pixel
Concept of the New Marketing Strategy
The surveillance camera market continues to grow, maintaining an annual growth rate of around 10%. The growth rate of the network camera segment*1 is particularly remarkable, and this growth is expected to accelerate even further. However, there are still many problems remaining in conventional network cameras such as:
  1. They are costly compared to conventional analog CCTV cameras;
  2. They often present problems in terms of interchangeability (in other words, devices available from different manufacturers cannot be combined in many cases);
  3. Installation is difficult (manufacturers' brochures say that installation is easy, but in many cases it is time-consuming and difficult without experience and specific know-how):
In addition, users are not necessarily satisfied with the performance of these new network cameras, saying their image quality is almost the same as conventional analog CCTV cameras.

However, the problem of interchangeability is expected to be solved in the near future since there is a move toward a uniform standard, while solutions for the problem of insufficient image quality have been found with the advent of megapixel cameras that deliver overwhelmingly high quality image compared to analog CCTV cameras. Therefore, conditions that will allow full-fledged installation and use of high performance network camera systems are expected to be met in the near future. Under such circumstances, "being high-performance" is thought to become an important key phrase in the network camera segment.

Intention of the New Marketing Strategy
The perception of performance level expectations of lenses for megapixel cameras is not uniform among lens manufacturers at present. In reality, lenses with performance at different levels in terms of resolution are being offered by various manufacturers. Tamron launched a product development program years ago in order to develop high performance lenses compatible with megapixel cameras, and subsequently the Tamron Mega Pixel Lens Series in CS-mount*4 was announced ahead of others in 2007. The company now offers a complete product lineup that is capable of supporting megapixel cameras in all categories including lenses for "box-type cameras", "dome-cameras" and "speed-dome cameras". Tamron lenses compatible with megapixel cameras deliver megapixel performance over the entire image field from the center to the periphery, in other words, Tamron Mega-Pixel lenses provide the capability to derive the maximum performance in order to capture high quality images from megapixel cameras. As a result, Tamron has decided to commence a new marketing strategy that will brand these high-perforamce mega-pixel compatible lenses as Tamron's "Flat Field Mega Pixel Lens Series" in order to assure customers that they can select these lenses with ease of mind for their megapixel cameras. Tamron is committed to continue expanding this lineup to meet market needs.
Tamron's Flat Field Mega Pixel Lens Lineup (As of February 27, 2009)
C/CS-mount Lenses for Box-type Cameras
6 types in 3 models for 1/3-inch cameras
2 types in 1 model for 1/2-inch cameras
(Product Names)
M13VM246 / M13VG246 1/3 2.4-6mm F/1.2
M13VM308 / M13VG308 1/3 3.0-8mm F/1.0
M13VM550 / M13VG550 1/3 5-50mm F/1.4
M12VM412 / M12VG412 1/2 4-12mm F/1.4

Lenses for Mini-Dome Cameras
Standard model
IR model
(Product Names)
DF009 1/3 3.0-9mm F/1.2
DF010 1/3 3.0-9mm F/1.2 IR-compatible

Lenses for Speed-Dome Cameras
1/3-inch type 18X zoom model
(Product Names)
DF003 1/3 4.7-84.6mm F/1.6
Eleven lens models in three categories are currently available as stated above, and the lineup is expected to be expanded further in the near future.