March 16, 2011
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Notification On Customer Service

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who sustained loss of families, relatives and friends, and loss of properties and the living caused by the gigantic Earthquake and the subsequent tsunami.

Having quickly assessed the status of logistics and transportation systems, we are obligated to advise you of the following triggered by the disaster. We highly appreciate your understanding of the current situation, and any inconvenience that might be caused shall be deeply regretted.

Regarding Repair Service

Inquiries over the phone Please take a note it might take a little longer hours to respond to your inquiries when inquired over the phone.
Repair work and estimate It is predicted few extra days would be required than a norm to return repaired goods to customers due to disrupted transportation systems and the scheduled power black-out, as the task is being performed at our plant in Aomori Prefecture.
Please rest assured that those items that are already in our possession shall be expedited to a best possible extent.
However, it is quite likely that return shipment will take extra days and hours because of the transportation status as mentioned above.
Receipt of goods for repair at our sales offices (Tokyo & Osaka) The receptionist desks are open during regular office hours unless otherwise disrupted. However, please be informed in advance that extra days would be required to complete the service as a result of delayed transportation and / or the scheduled black-out, as the task is being performed at our plant in Aomori.
Inquiries over the website (inclusive of queries over an email) Please also take a note that the site may become inaccessible due to the scheduled black-out from time to time, or may take longer to get connected.
For the same reasons stated above, we would appreciate your patience in case our response to your inquiry is not made in a timely fashion.