TAMRON | News | World's Lightest Weight* Long-Wave Infrared Camera Optical 3X Zoom Lens for Supporting VGA Detector 17㎛ Pixel Pitch 35-105mm F/1.6 (Model LVZ3X3516N/LVZ3X3516A)
February 24, 2014
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Release Announcement
World's Lightest in its Class* LWIR 3X Zoom Lens for VGA (17㎛ Pixel Pitch) Detector

35-105mm F/1.6 (Model LVZ3X3516N/LVZ3X3516A)

*Among commercially available LWIR zoom lenses with focal lengths of 100mm or longer. Based on market research by Tamron, Feb 2014.

Tamron Co., Ltd. (HQ: Saitama city, President & CEO Morio Ono), total optics manufacturer and a leader in the security industry, announced the release of an LWIR (Long-Wave Infrared) 3X Zoom Lens for VGA(17㎛ pixel pitch) detector. This newly announced product will be displayed and demonstrated at Security Show starting from March 4, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Model LVZ3X3516N

Model LVZ3X3516N

Development Concept

LWIR technology has earned attention in the security market in recent years for a number of applications, including monitoring of critical facilities and equipment. Tamron has won high praise for its launch of a high-function LWIR lens series as the first model of such a lens in 2012. LWIR technology works whether or not there is a light source and is largely immune to the weather and other conditions. As such, LWIR is starting to penetrate the market and receiving better recognition.

Optical zoom lenses make the most of detector performance, losing none of their picture quality while zooming. In the LWIR market, where fixed focal lenses are the norm, optical zoom systems offer a big advantage. While that is part of what prompted the expansion of the new system, there were also problems in adapting the technology in the existing equipment.

To address these problems, Tamron used its many years of technical experience to develop the world’s lightest optical 3X zoom lens. While the optical 3X zoom is the major feature of the product, with its light weight and compact form it can also match well with existing equipment. For more convenience, models are available with two types of front element coating, so that users can choose according to the housing type.

With its high performance, convenience, and the world’s lightest weight, Tamron will use LWIR 3X zoom lens for VGA(17 µm pixel pitch)detectors to expand the market.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, compact zoom lens
  • ・The world's lightest zoom lens at just 490g.
    ・About the same maximum barrel diameter as major fixed focal lenses covering telephoto range.
    ・Can be incorporated into existing housings and speed domes.

  • 35-105 mm optical 3X zoom lens
  • ・Covers the 35-105 mm focal length, which is in high demand in the LWIR monitoring market.
    ・Optical zoom provides zoom images without sacrificing picture quality.
    ・Enables users to offer new monitoring concepts that would be impossible with single focus lenses.

  • LWIR lens built for convenience
  • ・Users can select from DLC or AR coating on the front element according to the housing type.
    ・Developed an original highly universal serial interface communication control system, which facilitates integration with a majority of camera systems.

  • Lens provides constant fast aperture over full range
  • ・Maintains constant F/1.6 aperture throughout the 35-105 mm focal length range.   

Main Features

Model LVZ3X3516N LVZ3X3516A
Focal Length


F-Number F/1.6
Field of View (*Note1 ) H WIDE : 18.0° / TELE : 5.9°(*Note1 )
V WIDE : 14.3° / TELE : 4.8° (*Note1 )
D WIDE : 23.1° / TELE : 7.6° (*Note1 )
M.O.D. (Minimum Object Distance)

WIDE : 7.0m / TELE : 7.0m

Optical Zoom System


Focus System Motorized
Active Athermalization Yes
Mount Type M34xP0.5
Communication Full Duplex Asynchronous Serial
Water & Dust Proof IP67 front lens only
Front Element Coating DLC coating AR coating

* The field of view have been calculated based on a sensor size of 10.88mm(W) x 8.7mm(V) (13.9mm(D)). (VGA 17.0μm pixel pitch)
* Specifications, appearance are subjected to be changed without notice.
*Data is as of Feburuary 24th, 2014.

Release Date and Price

Release Date March 3rd, 2014
Price Open

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