April 6, 2015
Tamron Co., Ltd.

Market Launch Announcement
Motorized High-Power (36X) Zoom Lens

1/1.8" 10-360mm F/1.6(Model M118ZG36X10IRPF / M118ZG36X10IRP)

Tamron Co., Ltd., Saitama, Japan (President & CEO: Morio Ono), specialized manufacturer of optics and one of the leading companies in the security/surveillance equipment industry announces the release of a motorized High-power (36X) zoom lens.

Model: M118ZG36X10IRPF

Model: M118ZG36X10IRPF

Concept of Product Development

C-mount box-type cameras are in strong demand for day-and-night remote surveillance applications that monitor every corner of a wide area e.g. border protection, coast safety, forest guard, and safety / protection at key facilities such as airports and electric power plants.

For these applications, analog / SD cameras equipped with High-power zoom lenses are widely deployed as a common industry-standard. Advances in high-resolution surveillance cameras, however, mandate compatible enhancement of resolution in large High-power zoom lenses.

Tamron has been offering an array of Vari-Focal lenses for integration with box-type cameras. Addressing the growing market needs with higher resolution, Tamron now releases a motorized high-resolution zoom lens with High-power (36X). The lens assures 24-hour day-and-night surveillance in full-HD image quality, providing a distinctive advantage for security applications.

Main Features

  • A motorized high image-quality zoom lens with High-power
    • A motorized 2 mega-pixel (full-HD) 36X zoom lens with a long focal length of 10-360mm for use in a wide range of applications that mandate day-and-night surveillance over a wide area.
  • Wide aperture of F/1.6
    • Aperture of F/1.6 enables high-sensitivity image capture at large zoom ratios, assuring surveillance under dim low-light illumination.
  • Accommodation of 1/1.8" imagers widely adopted in the market
    • The lens accommodates 1/1.8" imagers commonly used for surveillance at major outdoor facilities.
  • Equipped with presetting function for focusing and zoom
  • An additional model simultaneously released with a fog-removal feature(Model M118ZG36X10IRPF)
    • A fog-removal feature is particularly effective for using cameras at telephoto end, and an additional model installed with this feature is also released. When fogs develop and obscure views, image clarity lowers; Fog's water particles reflect and scatter visible light, hindering visibility. By engaging a filter to cut off visible light and capturing images in the NIR (near-IR) range, image get enhanced in clarity, becoming less susceptible to the effect of fogs.

Main Specifications

Model M118ZG36X10IRPF M118ZG36X10IRP
Imager Size 1/1.8"
Mount Type C
Focal Length 10-360mm
F Number Fw/1.6 ~ Ft/3.6
Zoom Ratio 36x
Operation Focus Motorized (Preset Potentiometer)
Zoom Motorized (Preset Potentiometer)
Iris DC Auto Iris
Wave Length Visible Light ~ Near Infrared
Defog X

*Specifications, appearance are subjected to be changed without notice.
*Data is as of April 6th, 2015.

Date and Price

Release Date April 13th, 2015
Price Open